Private Wealth Management

Our Private Wealth Management service offering is a strategically tailored solution to enable individuals and families to meet the life goals and dreams that matter to them. We believe that every
dream deserves a chance to be turned into reality. Our experience has shown that attainment of dreams and goals require both your commitment and the help of an experienced coach to work with you. As your financial planning coach, we commit to help you turn your dreams into reality.

Group Fund Management

Looking to start investing with your friends or colleagues?

We can set up and manage a group fund for you and your like-minded friends. All you will do is make contributions as a group, and let us do the administration, investing and reporting on how well your investment fund is doing. Contact a Financial Coach today to arrange a meeting.
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Trust Fund Management

Our Private Wealth Management service assists you with Trust Fund set up and management in conjunction with the respective Trustees.
We will invest according to the Investment mandate agreed with the Trust fund.
We also have legal officers who can assist with the drafting of the required documentation to set up the trust. Contact us today to discuss more details of how we can assist you with setting up.
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Short-term Money Market

We can manage your short-term funds by investing them in interest earning instruments. We ensure you get the best service, by giving you the flexibility of choosing your tenor and offering you competitive rates. Contact us today for a quote on short term investments
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