Proven Experience

We manage assets in excess of K750 billion from various clients with a vast range of investment mandates. Our clients trust us with their funds. Over the years, they have seen their funds grow under our management. Investment returns for our funds under management have been competitive and sustainable. This attests to a truly world-class investment discipline and methodology.


Proactive Management

We are continuously analyzing developments in the market to determine investment strategies. We create assets to increase investment opportunities. We recognize that there is a gap between demand and supply of investment assets. We have therefore taken an active role to develop assets where funds under our management can participate. This unique trait sets us apart from other investment managers and gives us the edge to transform investment portfolios.

Corporate finance and infrastructure development

We have an in-house team of professionals who focus on creation of assets to increase investment opportunities for our clients and to develop the financial market. Our structure is unique and unparalleled, and allows us to develop investment opportunities for our funds.


Diversified Skills

We have a team of specialized professionals performing investment management, research, trading, infrastructure development, compliance, portfolio accounting , and client service within the company.

Research backed Investments

All investment decisions are backed by thorough research that is conducted by our in-house research team. We have one of the most advanced research databases in the country. We publish world-class Economic reports on Malawi, which are circulated within the country and are now a source of economic events outside the country. Our extensive research has set us apart from our competitors and allowed the company to leverage on our research capabilities to drive investment strategy.

Wide investment projects experience

We have experience in projects that have yielded high returns to our clients but also had an impact on the growth of the economy as a whole, such as the development of the Lilongwe City Mall and Chichiri Shopping Centre. We believe we are contributing to the development of the Malawi economy through these projects. We have identified three pillars which will aid the further development of the Malawi economy.

Foreign investments avenues

We have Sanlam International Investments in South Africa and FCA Corp in USA who provide us with a platform to enable us invest part of the funds as determined on the international markets. These are associates of NICO Asset Managers Ltd and through shareholding links with NICO Holdings Plc.

Prudent investing

We put our clients’ interest first in all our dealings. We have proven investment procedures that are followed at all times to ensure independence and professionalism.

Strategic project partners

We have a working relationship with Malawi Investment and Trade Centre which facilitates sharing of information regarding potential investment

Long term investment management view

Although we implement tactical investment strategy, we are not influenced by short term developments but remain
focused on achieving our clients’ overall long term objectives