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NICO Asset Managers Limited (NAML) is a specialist investment management and advisory firm, providing a range of investment management and investor service solutions to institutional and individual investors.
The company commenced operations on 1 January 2009 and is registered with the Registrar of companies under registration certificate number 8851.
NICO Asset Managers Ltd is registered with the Reserve Bank of Malawi (RBM) as a Portfolio/Investment Manager, Investment Advisor and Transfer Secretary. It is licensed under the Securities Act 2010 and is regulated by the Registrar of Financial Institutions, Reserve Bank of Malawi. The company has 12 licensed securities representatives with RBM.
NICO Asset Managers is wholly owned by NICO Holdings Plc. The shareholding structure of NICO Holdings Plc is as follows;



Africap LLC (American)


Botswana Insurance Holdings Limited


NICO Company Employee Share Ownership Scheme (Malawian and Foreign)


General Public (Malawian and Foreign)