Written on May 11, 2023
NICO Asset Managers sponsors Chessam Schools League

NICO Asset Managers have sponsored the Chess Association of Malawi’s (Chessam) National Schools Chess League with K8,898,000.

The sponsorship has been made to show students and their patrons the importance of planning ahead from a young age.

NICO Asset Managers Chief Investments Officer, Daniel Dunga, said it is also a way to make sure students are financially literate from a young age.

“Apart from promoting the game of chess, we want to introduce the importance of financial planning at a young age. We want our children to be financially literate. There are a lot of similarities between chess and Investment. In chess, one develops a strategy of winning and carefully plans their next action, knows one’s opponents and how to bit them, and anticipates a win. The same happens in investment, one needs to have an investment strategy and plan, make a deliberate move to save, do research on your available options, and anticipate your returns,’ Dunga said.

He added that NICO Asset Managers is committed to promoting various developments in the youth sector.

Daniel Dunga

“We value the betterment of our children’s future. In countries with advanced economies, the majority of the population starts planning for their financial ambitions from a young age and we want that for our Malawian children”, Dunga said.

The sponsorship is for three years beginning in 2023 and the amount may vary depending on the budget for that year.

Chessam General Secretary, Gift Howahowa, expressed gratitude for the sponsorship.

“We are very grateful for this sponsorship as it will come in handy in the success of this year’s league. We appreciate how committed NICO Asset Managers is to bringing chess and investment to our children and all of us. This game changes how people think, and we are grateful that we have the same vision as NICO Asset Managers. We look forward to this partnership and to bringing chess to life”, Howahowa said.

Gift Howahowa

The funds will be channeled toward purchasing necessary chess tools, league logistics, and winners’ prizes.

NICO Asset Managers remain committed to being the investment partner that will help clients achieve their goals.

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