Written on March 1, 2024
NICO Asset Managers Internal Chess Competition

Plan. Focus. Win

NICO Asset Managers (NAM) held a chess competition for its staff. The chess competition which targeted all NICO Asset Managers’ employees in Blantyre and Lilongwe is an inspiration from the company’s sponsorship of the National Schools Chess League which commenced last year. Chess has a lot of similarities with investment. In a game of chess, every move you make has a consequence. This is the same in investment, if one plans smart, the returns are very rewarding. NAM believes that this discipline of investment should be instilled in its staff.

The CEO of NAM, Daniel Dunga, emphasised to his team that he wants NAM to be a chess-playing company and should always draw lessons from the chess game. “Chess has so many great lessons to life, individuals, and our investment business. With chess, everyone is a winner if you master the art of planning. Imagine, the pawns are seen as the weakest pieces in the game of chess, but they can be promoted to stronger pieces if they reach the opposite side of the board,” he said. “ We all have a role to play at NICO Asset Managers, it does not matter at what level you are, you can make a big difference to this company, to the clients, and yourself” he added. 

The competition had three winning categories, the first winner, the second winner, and the third winner. The teams were comprised of 5 employees. The winning team, Allianz, walked away with MK500,000. The Berkshire Team came second, with MK350,000 as their prize. MK150,000 was taken by Team G, who came third.   

The representative of the winning team said they drew several lessons from the game, both in life and in their work. “Chess is a strategic game, it requires planning, focus, and patience. The experience of playing the game among colleagues was so great, it taught us to understand one another and brought out a certain level of confidence within us.”

Games started on 16th February with the first round, where all teams participated. The second and third rounds of the games were played on 20th February. Players unable to attend in person were provided the opportunity to play virtually on an online platform. The prize presentation took place on Thursday 29th February 2024.

The CEO has committed to continue sponsoring both the Staff Chess Competition and the National School Chess League. NICO Asset Managers stands by its motto of Investing Today for Tomorrow. 

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