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Investor Services

Transfer Secretarial Services

The company provides Transfer Secretarial services to companies listed on the Malawi Stock Exchange and unlisted companies under management by NICO Asset Managers. In summary, the services offered under transfer secretarial services are as follows:

  • Maintaining share registers for listed and unlisted companies
  • Processing share transfers and issuing certificates for new shareholders
  • Handling and resolving all queries relating to shareholder registers under management
  • Reporting to the company secretaries on all matters pertaining to the register under management
  • Acting as custodians for all securities for the counters that we manage
  • Management of registers for shareholders, observers, proxies and directors

Company Secretarial Services

We provide company secretarial services and offer advice on all types of company secretarial matters, whether routine or complex with a commitment that our level of service will be the same for any organization, irrespective of size. Our practical and solutions-focused approach ensures that the legal requirements are clearly set out and all options are fully explained. We offer the following services:

  • Coordinating calendar for Board meetings
  • Setting agenda for board meetings and sending notices
  • Convening board meetings in liaison with the Board Chairman
  • Taking minutes during meetings and circulating after meeting
  • Coordinating and convening AGM’s, EGM’s etc
  • Filing of annual returns for our clients and maintaining directors’ registers
  • Compiling and publishing notices to shareholders and the general public after approval by Malawi Stock Exchange

Economic Research

We do research on financial markets, investments and the economy to guide investors and the general public in their investment decisions and also for general information purposes. The research generally focuses on the following:

  • Equipping investors with knowledge and understanding of financial matters
  • Promoting financial literacy on personal finance matters
  • Imparting knowledge of investment and financial concepts
  • Providing general financial & investment information to the general public

Mission statement

To provide high quality investment management products and services that will create value to all stakeholders.

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