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Our Business Culture

Investment approach

Our investment approach is entirely guided by the needs of our clients. We conduct extensive investment research to identify winning strategies. We develop objective and customized investment strategies that enable diversification as we strive to minimize unsystematic risk and therefore consistently achieve competitive and sustainable investment returns. Stages as stipulated below;

  • Client needs
  • Research
  • Strategy
  • Risk Management
  • Diversify
  • Consistent Returns

Investment philosophy

The investment philosophy of NICO Asset Managers is to achieve competitive and sustainable risk adjusted investment rate of returns by:

  • Reliance on in-depth investment research
  • Pro-active investment management
  • A focus on risk management

Investments are managed in accordance with predetermined investment objectives, asset allocations, risk profiles and regulatory requirements.

Our belief

We are inspired by every client who entrusts it with their funds. Our belief is to grow and protect the value of our client`s investments.

Integrity is not just how we define the core driver of our investment expertise, it is the heart of every investment strategy and policy that we develop and implement. At NICO Asset Managers we believe in reaching the ultimate wealth management objectives of our clients. Here we don’t just look for value; we create value because we know that our clients cherish and believe in the value we create for them.

Mission statement

To provide high quality investment management products and services that will create value to all stakeholders.

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