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Investment Management

Pension Fund Management

  • Pooled Funds – We manage assets for pension funds that are managed as pooled funds. The pooled fund offers an efficient and cost-effective way to gain access to a wide range of investment opportunities. We conduct bottom up and top down research which enables us to construct an excellent investment portfolio that generates competitive and sustainable investment returns.

  • Segregated Funds – We manage distinct funds operating as entities with separate investment mandates.Trustees are appointed by the client and the Investment Manager manages the fund in accordance with an agreed upon client mandate. We offer excellent investment management guidance and solutions based on thorough understanding of our clients. We provide quality and timely reporting to Board of Directors/Trustees of the Segregated Fund. Reports submitted include investment performance reports, financial statements and management reports.


Institutional Fund Management

We provide investment management services to companies and institutional investors. These funds may be excess funds the institution may have. We have breadth and depth of investment expertise across all major asset classes: government securities, bonds, loans, property and equity.

Trust Fund Management

We provide assistance with Trust Fund setup and manage Trust Funds in conjunction with the respective Trustees. Investments are made in accordance with the specific investment agreements with the Trust Fund. For clients with no legal agreements, the company has legal firms which can offer assistance in drafting the required documentation.

Private Wealth

The company also manages private wealth on behalf of high net worth individuals. Client mandates are made in discussions with the client. Records are confidentially maintained. All transactions with private clients are done via a NICO Nominees fund. All investments are made through this NICO Nominees fund to comply with regulatory requirements which require separation of client assets from company assets. We focus exclusively on your needs and those of your family. We work to address your most important concerns and aspirations, from coordinating investment strategy to managing risk in your portfolios.

NICO Nominees Fund

  • Fixed Deposits – We manage funds on behalf of various institutions and individuals. We offer flexible tenors and competitive interest rates. Our investment team works closely with clients to develop an understanding of your needs so as to deliver an optimal personalized service.

  • Invest Plus – We offer long term fixed income investments for clients looking to achieve maximum growth of their investments. These investments are tailored to meet the clients risk and return profile.

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