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Infrastructure Development

Property Development

NICO Asset Managers offers Property Development services which focus on development or re-development of commercial property for owner occupiers or clients.  Services offered include:

  • Analyzing existing and future space needs, planning and architectural sketch designs
  • Feasibility studies and capital cost estimates
  • Tender/negotiation of construction contracts
  • Arrangement, management of construction activities and capital expenditure.

Property Advisory Services

Property Advisory Services Section was created to provide quality advice and solutions to managing agents, property owners, property managers, landlords and occupiers in relation to all aspects of commercial property and premises management. As NICO Asset Managers we systematize clients leased or freehold properties, formulate and implement strategies to maximize value on owned properties, advise on and implement lease renewals and give guidance on procurement terms for new premises/new developments.

Project Monitoring

Project monitoring is a necessary core management instrument, both for projects that might be encountering problems and for successful projects. NICO Asset Managers offers services in project monitoring which link both desk and field monitoring based on the following aspects:

  • Preventive: information on the rules and procedures, review of objectives, priorities, methodology and activities planned
  • Advisory: recommendations on both the content and the financial aspects
  • Control: check and assessment of the results
  • Client and consultants liaison on a proposed or running project.

Project Management

We manage projects on behalf of clients and work hand in hand with various technical teams from project conception through to the selection of consultants, planning, tendering and finally completion, including closeout and commissioning. We offer both technical and financial review of the project ensuring that the project is cost effective, timely, and of high quality.

Property Management

We manage properties on behalf of clients and we actively endeavor to maximize net income per property through increasing rental income, reducing vacancies, minimizing operating expenses and collecting income timeously. NICO Asset Managers works hand in hand with professional property managers.

Property Valuation

NICO Asset Managers offers professional valuation services in the valuation of land, as well as commercial, retail and industrial properties. This is done by helping clients use the best professional valuation surveyors available.

Lease Back Transaction Structuring

NICO Asset Managers develops preliminary analysis of facilities to determine the ideal candidates for possible sale/leaseback transactions. This analysis includes a preliminary estimate of the sale price, leaseback rental rate and lease structure for each identified property. We also prepare documents to be presented to potential investors and negotiate the sales contract and lease document on behalf of the client.

Development Viability Analysis

NICO Asset Managers carries out development viability analysis of a development project to meet its costs. We review and analyze preliminary project feasibility study, development of client brief/sketch design, financial feasibility analysis, project modeling and market appraisals.

Property Investment Company Services 

We manage Property Companies as investment funds on behalf of our clients to meet strategic goals. We select the right properties to invest in, handle tax issues, advise investors based on their goals (retirement income, property appreciation, long term cash flow etc.), we also do the actual running of the operations of the properties and handle various legal issues.

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